αρχείο λήψης“Is your country under a military junta?” friends from various countries were asking me when they were informed, from the news, of the first media coup d’état in Greece, on June 11th, 2013. What could I respond, and how to explain this situation? “Closely. The only difference is that people are not being shot down.”.

Established in 1938, the national broadcasting corporation ERT was the independent voice of this Mediterranean country, in the South end of Europe. Three months earlier, Mr. Samaras’ government announced its end, firing nearly 3,000 employees and shutting down the drapes of public television, radio and press.

On September 11th 2013, a major event was organized in the central offices of ERT, with the participation of numerous famous musicians. Under the thousands of people clapping and the former employees retaining their positions squatting the offices and emitting online news, a loud message was sent out to the rotten clientelistic arena that Greece has to show: the message of fighting for justice, until the “last drop of blood will have been dropped”.

I usually do not follow practices of writing in the first person, but as, during this “crisis”, personal stories have the main interest, I make an exception. Thus, trying to find reasons to retain my professional basis in my country, which is about to start in less than a year, I cannot say that I have found reasons to. People that I have known for years, having good positions in offices, academics or professionals, all face problems on their finances. People that, on my knowledge, have served their country’s laws in good spirit, paying taxes on time, being equal to professional relations and working hard.

The uncertainty of tomorrow is more vivid than ever. Not knowing whether someone will lose his or her job or get paid on time, can damage psychologically, especially young people with good qualifications that feel the absence appreciation of what they have to say and offer.

I am considering to choose the alternative of starting my professional career in Scandinavia. As many others, in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg or even the United States and Canada, areas of the world that opportunities for young professionals do exist.

Choices of immigrating are not due to lack of love or appreciation towards the country that we have born and raised. Neither according to practices of “throwing a black stoned behind my back”.

I love my country. But I love myself as well. ERT was another example of where my country is going towards. And there, is a black hole.


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